SoAGB | Sundays in the AGB


Even on Sunday the Amerika-Gedenkbibliothek is open, on this day with a diverse range of programs: from discussions to family events in the children's and youth library, from reading together to sporting activities.

Every Sunday a little different, but there is always something for everyone. Information and service by library employees is unfortunately not allowed on Sundays, but you can use the workstations and the openly accessible media, the WiFi, the loan and return machines and the computers in the adult area.

SoAGB - opens your mind and heart.


The 2G Plus rule applies every Sunday (beginning January 30th) at the AGB:

Vaccinated and/or recovered persons with appropriate proof additionally require a daily negative test result or proof of a booster vaccination (Booster). Exceptions apply to pupils with a valid pupils‘ ID and children under age 6.

The ZLB is about sharing: of knowledge, of productivity, of places. On Sunday we also invite you to participate and take your own initiative. Many topics such as participation, independence, responsibility, initiative and integration form the starting point for the free events every Sunday.

  • What else can a library do besides books?
  • How can an atmosphere of encounter(s) be created?
  • How and in what forms can knowledge be shared?
  • How open can a library be on Sundays?

Our Sunday visitors can also make the library a public and open place on Sunday.

And what does all this have to do with Sunday? According to the Working Hours Act, public libraries are not allowed to open on Sundays. We are campaigning for a change in the law because urban society needs public libraries every day. Because it should go without saying that citizens should also have access to their library on Sundays. For learning, for reading, for entertainment, for social interaction or just for cultural enjoyment.

That is why we open the Amerika-Gedenkbibliothek on Sundays with a program of events - if there are events, the library can be open. And the great success of the event Sundays proves us right. Other libraries will follow - since August 16, 2020, for example, the central library of the Cologne City Library has also been open on Sundays.