Eventsundays in the Amerika-Gedenkbibliothek

Each Sunday The American Memorial Library invites visitors to come participate and initiate, to share their ideas, wishes and interests and to help make the library a public and open place.

The concept of these Sundays focuses on interpersonal relationships. Various modules address themes such as participation, independence, responsibility, self-initiative and integration. These topics are the starting point of these Sunday events which are always free to the public.

Alongside regular known and experimental formats, lectures, concerts, workshops and a children's program will take place, as well as a Meeting with the sonntagsbureau during which visitors can give their personal feedback.

Schedule of  10.15.2017
for kids, grown ups and alltogether:

___Laughter Yoga
11am – 12pm
The initiative "Hauptstadt Lacht" is a circle of active Berlin-based laugh-coaches which was founded in 2006. Laughter yoga methods include numerous elements which play an important role in health and life satisfaction - such as laughter, play, dancing and social interaction. Open to all!

___Meeting the sonntagsbureau
11am – 4pm
Participate! Talk to the sonntagsbureau, who organizes the Sunday programs, for and with you. Every Sunday you can contribute your ideas and feedback to the program and think together about how the Sunday could be even more your Sunday.

___Games - Let’s Play!
11am – 4.30pm
Games such as Backgammon, Chess, Monopoly and more are provided.
We also help to form teams, to find matches and competitors.

___Workshop Textiles with Kathrin Endres
11.30 – 1.30pm
Playful introduction to the technique of weaving and collageing. For children from 4 years and the whole family. For the whole family.

___Zeitbibliothek (Living Library)
12 – 3pm
Here you can "borrow" time for a conversation with interesting people, who are available for certain topics.

___Shared Reading
1 – 2.30pm
Shared Reading is designed to help people find a language for the hitherto unknown. The sessions are facilitated by Literarische Unternehmungen.

___The Art Cases Are Coming with Sarah Hauk
2 – 4pm
Make crafts with materials such as clay, paper and paint - delivered in several suitcases. Children will be accompanied in working with the materials provided. Everything that the children paint, build or design can be taken home.

___Workshop Handpan

2 - 3pm
The musician Zhenya Topov gives an introduction to the instrument handpan. For the whole family.

___Live Music by The Space Berlin

3 – 4.30pm
Every Sunday, Berliner musicians are invited to introduce and play their different instruments. Dancing is allowed. The Space Berlin e.V. is an open social and cultural meeting place.

___Reading by Bert Papenfuß
3 – 4pm
Reading in German by the editor of the biography of Norbert "Knofo" Kröcher (1950 - 2016): K. und der Verkehr. Erinnerungen an bewegte Zeiten. Erster Teil: 1950 – 1989.

___ Keep It Short! Workshop mit An Paenhuysen
3 – 4.30pm
Can less be more? In the workshop we explore shortness in literature. How we can write a whole story by minimizing words? Today: Flash Stories – shorter than Short Stories!