Intercultural resources

These resources are primarily aimed at citizens with immigrant backgrounds who lack any other way of easily accessing materials in their native language. Our intercultural resources include fiction, non-fiction and periodicals in Albanian, Kurdish, Modern Greek, Serbian/Croatian, Russian and Turkish. 

The main focus in terms of fiction is on authors from the countries where the respective languages are spoken, as well as global literary works translated into these languages. And when it comes to non-fiction, the key focus is on issues specific to the countries where the respective languages are spoken. Rounding off the resources are general and specialised reference books, encyclopaedias, technical dictionaries, and biographical works.

Foreign-language online media


26 general national Turkish newspapers

18 specialised newspapers

46 regional newspapers

45 international newspapers and magazines


35 general national Turkish newspapers

27 online TV programmes

23 online radio programmes


2 daily newspapers (ToVimaTaNea)

7 magazines

Kidon Media Greece

36 national newspapersTV broadcasters and radio broadcasters

49 regional newspapersTV broadcasters and radio broadcasters

Russian-language newspapers and online magazines on the Internet

27 online newspapers and magazines from Russia

Europe’s Russian press

44 Russian-language newspapers and 37 Russian-language magazines from Germany

    Croatian newspapers & magazines

    27 newspapers and 33 magazines from Croatia

    Kidon Media Serbia

    43 newspapers and other news sources from SerbiaKosovo and Vojvodina