Visit us at the children's library

That's us!

We're here for all children from 0-12 years – and, of course, for their parents, siblings, and friends.

The Kinderbibliothek (KiBi) has existed since 1957 – that's more than 60 years! You can ask your parents or grandparents if they visited us when they were children themselves.

Of course, since then we've undergone renovations and our building looks very different than it did 60 years ago.

To photo gallery of Kinderbibliothek as it looks today

No such thing as boredom

We have so much to offer: 60,000 media for you to choose from. If you read just one book, watch just one film, or play just one game with friends at our library every day, it will take 164 years before you have to read a book for the second time. There's no such thing as boredom here!

Not only can you borrow things from us, you can also...

  • meet your friends
  • play board games
  • read comics or books
  • play computer games on the PC
  • solve the monthly riddle and win fun prizes
  • participate in a workshop or event
  • listen to a storyteller in a real Mongolian yurt in winter
  • sit at the fountain in the reading garden in summer