ZLB accessibility

Both the Amerika-Gedenkbibliothek and the Berliner Stadtbibliothek have a disabled accessible entrance and disabled toilets.


At the Amerika-Gedenkbibliothek, you can use the main entrance at Blücherplatz. All subjects and the borrowing desk are accessible on level ground. The Kinder- und Jugendbibliothek is in the basement. It also has a separate disabled accessible entrance located in the small park between Blücherplatz and Zossener Straße.

There is a disabled toilet between the subject areas of Art-Theatre-Media and Music.

There is also a disabled toilet in the Kinder- und Jugendbibliothek.

Berliner Stadtbibliothek

The Berliner Stadtbibliothek has an accessible entrance in Breite Straße just to the right of the A-Portal that permits access to the foyer.
A lift in the atrium connects to part of the upper floor. The disabled accessible entrance and lift were installed thanks to ERDF funding (ERDF: European Regional Development Fund).

The Senatsbibliothek Berlin is accessible through the foyer of the library (via a lifting platform).
The Kleine Säulensaal (event room on the ground floor) is accessible via the entrance at Breite Straße 36 by a mobile ramp.

The Berlin-Studien area is on the first and second floors and can be reached by lift.

Disabled toilets are located on the ground floor of the Senatsbibliothek, on the first and second floors of the Berlin-Studien area.

If you are attending events in the Berlin-Saal or Saal-Foyer, please notify us at least 4 days in advance by calling Fon +49 30 90226-661.

There are two disabled parking spaces at Breite Straße 33-34 before the main entrance/foyer of the Berliner Stadtbibliothek.