“Big city stories” from Berlin

The Berliner Grossstadtgeschichten (“Big city stories from Berlin”) platform is a result of the “100 Jahre Großstadtgeschichten Berlin: Berliner Ansichten des 20. Jahrhunderts” (“100 years of big-city stories in Berlin: Berlin perspectives of the 20th century”) project. 

Collection Days invite Berliners to bring mementos of selected places or themes so that they can be digitised. Once linked to geoinformation and pre-existing digitised materials from the ZLB and Landesarchiv Berlin (Berlin State Archive), they produce virtual online exhibitions in which the digitised exhibits are presented in a co-operative and contextualised way. 

The data is available as open content for third-party use, e.g. for mobile applications.  

Aims: To encourage user participation and increase open content

Project period: 2014 - 2015

Sponsor: Servicestelle Digitalisierung Berlin (digiS)

Project partner: Landesarchiv Berlin (Berlin State Archive)

Visit the Berliner Großstadtgeschichten platform.


Through the DigiTABBerlin project, the ZLB formatted digitised copies of Berlin telephone and address books (1799-1992) in a contemporary manner and made them available online. This comprehensive source of research into genealogical and city history contains approx. 250 million entries. 

The project also involved developing a crowdsourcing function that enables users to actively participate in editing and improving the full text of the address and telephone books. 

This earned the ZLB the Zukunftsgestalter in Bibliotheken (“Shaping the future in libraries”) award, presented during the 5th edition of the Leipzig Library & Information Congress in March 2013. 

Aims: To improve the presentation of Berlin’s telephone and address books, including comprehensive full text copies, and encourage user participation 

Period: 2012 – 2013 

Sponsor: Servicestelle Digitalisierung Berlin (digiS)

Visit the Berlin address and telephone books.


Through PR campaigns and user-oriented activities like "Collection Days", the aim of Europeana Awareness was to spread the idea of Europeana, and attract key players from public libraries, local archives, media agencies, cultural tourism and genealogy to the Europeana network. The ZLB was primarily involved in the project to include public libraries in Germany.

Aims: To spread the idea of Europeana, focusing on public impact 

Project period: 2012-2014 

Sponsored by: The European Union 

Project partners: 48 cultural establishments from 30 European countries 


EuropeanaLocal Germany

As a partner of EuropeanaLocal, the ZLB helped include new cultural establishments from Germany with local and regional digital content into Europeana, Europe’s digital library, museum and archive. This involved building an infrastructure to integrate new repositories and new content into Europeana.