Siegfried Mühsam

Siegfried Seligmann Mühsam was born on September 2, 1838 in Landsberg / Upper Silesia and died on July 20, 1915 in Lübeck.

He was a pharmacist and chemist by profession, was involved throughout his life in the Lübeck city assembly, in which he was elected in 1887 as one of the first members of the Jewish community.

Together with his wife Rosalie, neé Cohn (1849 - 1871) he had five children. The son Ernst Moritz died already as a child (1872-1873). Erich Mühsam, born in 1878, was murdered on 10 July 1934 in the Oranienburg concentration camp. The children Margarethe (1875-1958), Hans (1876-1957) and Charlotte (1881-1972) were able to escape from Germany.

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