Max Pollaczek

Max Pollaczek was born on 15 March 1868 in Nikolai, Silesia. He was a doctor of law, editor and music writer, called himself "Glossator Berolinensis" and used the pseudonyms Max Richter and Walter Morgan. He was married to Martha (Malka) Gattel and lived in Berlin until at least 1938. Death dates have not yet been determined for either Max Pollaczek or Martha Gattel, both were persecuted as Jewish in Nazi Germany. Two sons of the couple were murdered in the Holocaust: Hellmuth Pollaczek (born 10 July 1899 in Berlin) was deported to the Litzmannstadt Ghetto in 1941 and murdered there in 1942. His younger brother Herbert Pollaczek (born 10 April 1904 in Berlin) was deported to Auschwitz in 1943 together with his wife Bianca Lesser (born 22 June 1884 in Posen) and murdered there.

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