Community projects

What’s it all about?

The ZLB is a centre of stimulation in Berlin’s urban community. It provides a space for social discourse, and opportunities to form qualified opinions and exchange informed opinions. 

Within our “community projects” division, we support the experimental side of the urban community, and provide open spaces for creativity. 

As such, the ZLB considers itself a platform. Those outside the ZLB use us as a library (programme) to address topics and issues raised by us or by others. Practical examples of initiatives carried out to date include the “Wissen Teilen” (“Sharing Knowledge”) and “Riff Reporter” projects. 

Have you got your own ideas you’d like to share, create and pass on with and/or through us? Then please get in touch. We look forward to hearing about them.

Partner: Schlesische 27

S27 – Kunst und Bildung (S27 – Art and Education) designs experimental projects and testing facilities that encourage young people to develop their own initiative and creativity. 

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