Our philosophy

We want to take this opportunity to inform you about the basic principles underlying our educational and library work. Whether you’re a professional from the library industry or an interested teacher/lecturer, take a look behind the scenes and contact us if you would like to learn more. 

We’re your partner when it comes to teaching information literacy! 

We work in accordance with the latest standards of teaching information literacy. As such, we don’t just consider ourselves guides within the ZLB services, but also as facilitators in the information society.

Threshold concept

The threshold concept of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) forms a key cornerstone of our work:

How does a search become a strategic discovery? How is the importance of individual authors assessed? How is information generated and what is it worth? What does it mean to research? Understanding all this is designed to give our training course participants a new sense of autonomy and enthusiasm for the process of researching, assessing and using information.

Further information is available here

Big 6

The Big 6 serves as a component outside of our seminars to help prepare for written papers and presentations. It is a common approach used around the world to teach information literacy. 

Participants follow 6 steps to achieve successful research: What am I looking for? How do I search? How and where do I find what I’m looking for? How do I use the information found? How do I present my results? And did it all work? 

Given the plethora of media and information available today, it is our aim to give school students, trainees and university students a method they can use to navigate more and more autonomously and intelligently, if not always quickly, through information resources.

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Refugees and integration groups

People new to Berlin play an important role in the use of the library in terms of integration and participation. Many only speak their native language, come from a different culture, and are therefore particularly in need of our support. 

This includes:

- German courses for refugees

- Integration courses for immigrants (language and orientation courses)

- Orientation classes (“welcome classes”)

- Integration courses for learners of German

- Re-training courses

- Career orientation courses

By setting a very low access threshold, we cater to a wide range of skills, knowledge and abilities that the participants might have. 

Libraries are increasingly becoming intercultural and social meeting places. Our events and classes aim to introduce the library as a place of learning, interaction and orientation in the world of knowledge and information.